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We know how things always seem to go wrong at the worst times which is why we’ve put together an important list to help you ensure your car is on tip top shape and less likely to breakdown this winter!

1. Check your oil levels – making sure you have enough is absolutely paramount because you don’t want to damage your engine or end up breaking down!

2. Ensure you have enough antifreeze – you do not want your engines cooling system to freeze – ensure this is topped up!

3. Check your wiper blades – it is important to make sure your window wipers are still in good condition because the last thing you want is them not working properly! Also make sure that you have enough washer fluid because you don’t want your wipers becoming damaged by constantly using them on salty and muddy road spray!

4. Keep your own winter survival kit! Keeping your own survival kit with significant items in your car such as a nice scraper, de-icer, a phone charger, a torch etc is a good and practical idea to have just incase the worst were to happen – it’s better to be prepared just incase!

5. Tyres – there is nothing worse than wore tires in the Winter! Tyres with not enough tread depth can decrease your stability on the roads and have huge safety and financial implications if the worse were to happen!

Please contact us if there is anything we can help you with in regards to your vehicle.

We highly recommend this “ready to go” survival kit that can be purchased on Amazon –