May 14, 2024

Birthday Bash

So many birthdays and so little time … but never too busy to celebrate milestones as a team and create that special feeling.  

Having 2 birthdays for our mechanics in one week was always going to be a fun, especially when one was a big 21st. They may have wanted the occasion to pass along quietly but we made sure to make a fuss! We surprised Sergie and George with a cake and of course a very loud sing along… we found ourselves sneaking around the workshop to ensure it was a surprise which was fun!

The singing echoed around the workshop, I’m sure we would have given K-pop a run for the money.  When Sergi (who turned 21) tried to make a run for the door, we figured we had definitely hit the right notes!


I’m sure both the lad’s celebrated in style, away from the workshop and I’m also certain there are details not to be shared on this blog… just knowing we did something to make that day a little more special for them feels good.  They both give their best every day and make work fun for all of us. 

Happy Birthday to George and Sergie from everyone at the Bridge Autocare team !

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