September 6, 2022

Helping You Through Soaring Living Costs.

We are all in the same boat: as businesses and customers.  There is nothing more prominent in the news and that’s all anyone talks about at work and at home.  It’s affecting the economy, families and our mental health.  How many times have you said something about the cost of fuel and groceries recently?  And how many times has it got your attention?  We know what you’re going through because we are all going through it.  This is why we feel passionate about helping you at this difficult time.

It helps to break things down, to be transparent, to be honest, and keep things simple.  We are not in the business of getting you overwhelmed with all the other stuff going on.  If we can take away one worry from you, we are doing our bit.  So you can be assured of the trust you put in us and our fair prices.  We believe in honesty and quality in the services we provide.  We will be upfront and guide you through each step of the way no matter how unfamiliar a car repair is to you.  We are the experts, so you don’t have to be.

Let us take one worry from you during these difficult times: come talk to us about what you need 😊

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