January 22, 2024

Myth or Fact: MOT Edition 2024

MOT myths

When it comes to MOTs, there seems to be no shortage of false information floating around. From outrageous claims about DIY shortcuts to saving money on tests, it can be challenging to separate reality from speculation.

In this blog, we’ll tackle some of the most commonly heard myths.


The garage fails vehicles during the MOT to make more money from repairs.

MYTH – MOT testing centres are regulated by the government, and there are strict guidelines that they must follow. Testers are not allowed to fail a vehicle for minor issues just to generate repair business. In fact, there are penalties for testers who carry out unnecessary repairs or fail a vehicle when it shouldn’t have.

The MOT test is not the same everywhere.

FACT – While the MOT test standards are set by the government, the experience and thoroughness of testing may vary between different testing centres. It’s essential to choose a reputable and authorised MOT testing centre to ensure a fair and accurate assessment of your vehicle.

You must get your car serviced before the MOT test.

MYTH – While it’s advisable to have your car in good condition, there’s no legal requirement to have it serviced before an MOT. The MOT is a safety and roadworthiness test, not a comprehensive service. However, addressing routine maintenance before the MOT can help ensure that your vehicle is more likely to pass the test.

A vehicle will not fail its MOT for having a warning light on the dashboard.

FACT – While certain warning lights can contribute to a failed MOT, not all of them automatically result in a failure. The decision depends on the nature of the issue and whether it affects the safety and roadworthiness of the vehicle. Some warning lights, like those related to the airbag or ABS, may lead to a failure, while others may not.

An MOT guarantees your vehicle’s roadworthiness for the entire year.

MYTH – Contrary to popular belief, an MOT certificate does not guarantee your car’s roadworthiness for the entire year. It only confirms that your vehicle met the minimum standards on the day of testing. Regular maintenance and repairs are still crucial throughout the year to ensure optimal performance.

You must use the same garage for every MOT.

MYTH – There is no obligation to use the same garage or testing centre for each MOT. You are free to choose any authorised facility that suits your convenience and preference. However, selecting a reputable and reliable garage with certified technicians can ensure accurate assessments.

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